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Pause, Reflect & Heal

Bringing peace, rejuvenation & balance to humanity one session at a time.

Welcome to Sedona!

Sedona Massage

Experience complete relaxation, pain relief, calmness, & a sense of peace with one our massage services. We offer Couples Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Cold Stone Massage, Silicone Cupping. Fire Cupping, Facial Rejuvenation Cupping, Swedish (relaxation massage), Deep Tissue Massage, Neuro Muscular Therapy, & Our Signature Black Bear Healing Massage (Not offered anywhere else).

Sedona Energy Sessions

Experience a deep healing with mental clarity, pain relief, and a complete spiritual healing with our Sedona Energy Sessions. Choose from Spirit Retrieval, Cranio Sacral, Integrative Energy Therapy or our Signature Three feathers energy Session (Not offered anywhere else).

Sedona Full Moon Teachings

This is for individuals or a group of people. In the full moon ceremony, I will empower you and teach the Haudenosaunee way in honoring Grandmother moon.

True Healing with Immediate Results!

“I found Alecia and her business through an internet search…my wife had a chiropractic session earlier in the week that had gone awry and she was in significant pain. We needed to do something quickly.

Alecia was not only able to use a combination of cupping and deep tissue massage to make my wife’s pain dissolve away, but she also noticed my wife was carrying a deep personal burden-one that required spiritual guidance and clearing. Alecia was able to create a safe space for my wife and cleared this burden for her-which resolved a very old source of pain.

Alecia is a solo practioner-while she is modest and kind, her ability to sense energy, to diagnose issues, and to heal old wounds is powerful. I’ve had energy and massage work performed by healers around the world, and Alecia has true healing talent.

Whether you need a simple recovery from a long day of hiking or healing of a personal, deep seated nature, Alecia will take wonderful care of you. We will definitely see her again on our next Sedona adventure.”

Richard Feb. 2019

Our mission:

We are dedicated to helping and empowering clients to receive full wellness and healing; including their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We value awareness, respect, kindness, integrity, and empowerment. Come with an open mind and heart to achieve your highest healing potential through energy work, massage, sound therapy, native inspired healings, guided meditation and so much more! We are here to assist clients on their healing path to create transformation with a memorable experience.

Pause, Reflect, & Heal

Sedona Retreats

1, 2 & 3 day retreats available, please visit our sessions tab or call for more information.

Sedona Massage

Experience complete relaxation, pain relief, calmness & a sense of peace with one of our massage services. We offer the following modalities:

  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Contrast Stone Massage (Hot & Cold Stone Massage) Great service for athletes or detox!
  • Silicone Cupping
  • Fire Cupping
  • Warmed Bamboo & Hot Stone Massage
  • Swedish/Relaxation Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Neuro Muscular Therapy (Trigger Point Therapy)
  • Our Signature Black Bear Healing Massage
  • Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
  • Reflexology & Ionic Foot Detox
  • Facial Cupping (Great for TMJD!)
  • Medical Massage (Only for those who have been diagnosed by a doctor with Torticollis, Whiplash, TMJD, Sciatica, Rotator Cuff Injury, Sprains, Strains, Edema, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome TOS, Herniated Disc, Carpel Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow & Bells Palsy)
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Post-natal Massage

Sedona Energy Work

Experience a deep healing with mental clarity, pain relief and a complete spiritual healing with our Sedona Energy Sessions.

  • Spirit Retrieval (Soul Retrieval)
  • Cranio Sacral
  • Reiki
  • Cord Cutting
  • Integrative Energy Therapy
  • Crystal Healing
  • Unique Dragon Energy Healing
  • Drum Healing
  • Our Signature 3 Feathers Energy Session
  • Tuning Fork Clearing

Sedona Full Moon Ceremonies

Available for individuals or groups. Experience how the Haudenosaunee and grandmother moon collaborate as a manifesting tool during her highest energetic time.

Sedona Astrology Readings

With your birth day, time and year you will sit down with our astrologist to discover deep insight into your personality, motivations, and desires all based on your natal chart.

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